Display 5 - Web-Based Digital Signage & IPTV Solution


Display5 is a web browser based Digital Signage Software Application. It is easy to use and offers a versatile and rich tool for creating compelling signage applications, IPTV and content. Display5 is in use today in hotels, banks, restaurants, businesses, Government and more.


 The Display5 PDF Brochure can be Found Here: (additional resources at bottom of page)

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Create your own rich, diverse and powerful digital signage, or simply choose from our stock templates to get started within minutes 



With Display5 you have an versatile application based on open web standards such as XML, HTML5, Ajax and PHP. This framework allows you to easily import other web content and tie into other applications.


Display5  offers  a  wide  variety  of  content  types
that  you  can  place  into  your  shows,  this  includes:

– Images – jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff                                                                          Display5 also Provides:
– Videos – MP4, 3gg, MPEG, AVI, MOV, OGG, WebM, and many more           – Player Management
– Text and tables (import CSV, CSV watchfolder)                                               – Emergency Management
– Maps(Google),charts (pi, bar, gauges, 3d)                                                        – Screen Management
– Weather widgets                                                                                                   – User and Group Control
– Clocks and date and time widgets
– Web content, embedded HTML
– Live video streams – m3u8, DASH, HLS, RTP, RTSP and more
– Charts and KPIs,
– Webcam Streams
– Video on demand content – Youtube, QUMU, Kaltura etc
– SQL database content
– Text tickers or marquees, rich text
– RSS feeds and news feeds
– Social network content, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc
– Audio Content
– Room Scheduling
– Video Walls high resolution output
– Plus much more


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Interested? More information, you can view here Enterprise Solutions Overview Here


 Resources / White Papers and Additional Information:

D5 Video brochure - Information on Live Video / Web Video and VOD

D5 Module brochure – Outlines additional Modules and Features

D5 CMS brochure - Outlines the CMS Integration and Functionality

D5 Architecture brochure – System Topology Examples / Functions